UDID Registrations

Order FAQs

How do I find my UDID?

Please follow these instructions to find your UDID.

How long does it take to process my membership?

Memberships are typically processed instantly, but they can be delayed due to high demand or system downtime on Apple's servers. In the event of a wait list, customers who purchased the Gold or Platinum packages will be processed first.

We will send a confirmation to the email address associated with your PayPal account. You can also check the status of your order here.

Why can't you correct my UDID or give a refund after my membership has been processed?

When you join our development team, the spot in our Apple developer account is taken and can't be reused. We have the sole discretion to give refunds on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about our refund policy on our Terms & Conditions.

I got a replacement device. Do I have to pay again?

Since each device's UDID is unique, you will likely need to place a new order. Apple prevents us from editing, replacing, or removing devices on our account.

However, if you purchase the Gold or Platinum package, we will be able to replace it under certain circumstances. Learn more about the Device Replacement program.

Does this let me log into the Apple Developer Center?

For security reasons, we can't provide you with direct access to our developer account. We can only enroll your device.

UDID Registration FAQs

Why do I need to register my UDID?

As Apple warns, installing beta software on your device without registration "could put your device in an unusable state and necessitate an out of warranty repair." Registering your device's UDID ensures you can safely and legitimately activate iOS betas intended for developers.

What are the device requirements?

Any Apple device can be registered. You can use your UDID registration directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Upgrading an Apple Watch requires a registered iPhone, and upgrading an Apple TV requires access to a Mac.

Can I register my UDID multiple times?

Yes, the same UDID can be registered on multiple accounts without any issues.

How long will my registration last?

Your registration will last approximately one year.

Certificate & Provisioning FAQs

Why do I need Certificate & Provisioning files?

These files let you use iOS App Signer or Xcode to sign and install any app on your device, such as custom apps or third-party apps not available on the App Store. Apps installed in this way will continue working for up to a year.

How do I sign and install apps?

Please follow these instructions to sign and install apps.

What are the device requirements?

IPA Signer, iOS App Signer, and Signulous can sign and install apps directly on your iOS device without any computer if you get the Platinum package. Otherwise, using iOS App Signer requires a Mac with macOS 10.9+ and an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9+. You don't need to upgrade to beta firmware.

Signing and installing apps for Apple Watch requires Certificate & Provisioning files for both the Apple Watch and iPhone.

What if my files are revoked by Apple?

If you are eligible for revoke protection, you can check your order and download new Certificate & Provisioning files there. Otherwise, you will need to make another purchase. Silver memberships have 90 days of revoke protection, while Gold and Platinum memberships have a full year.

I already registered my UDID. Can I get these files without paying full price?

No, you would need to make a new purchase that includes Certificate & Provisioning files.

How long will my files work?

Your Certificate & Provisioning files will work for approximately one year. However, Apple can revoke certificates at any time. We recommend purchasing the Gold or Platinum package, since this package includes an entire year of free replacements for revoked certificates in situations like this.

Still need help?

Reach out to our support team.

Notice: If you can't sign new apps or your signed apps aren't working, Apple may have revoked the certificate we provided you. If you have a Gold or Platinum membership or made your purchase in the past 90 days, you can check your order and download new Certificate & Provisioning files there. Otherwise, you will need to make another purchase.